Tuesday, May 3, 2011

GPA, Specialty Substrate Solutions Makes Headway in Brazil

The PLG Feature Article this month is on the growth and success of Brazil, as well as the importance of utilizing translated materials to penetrate the market. The April project highlight showcases GPA, Specialty Substrate Solutions and their use of Portuguese translations to aid them in communicating to the Brazilian market.

Precision Language & Graphics, Inc. has worked hand in hand with GPA, Specialty Substrate Solutions to enhance their ASK GPA marketing materials. More specifically, these ASK GPA materials were translated into Spanish and Portuguese. The significance of having Portuguese translations is highlighted in this month’s Feature Article, but its main focus is to penetrate the Brazilian market. Brazil is currently a global superpower fueled by industry and agriculture. This industrial powerhouse is continuing to grow day by day, and GPA is ensuring that their marketing materials are available in the country’s native language. This is just one aspect of GPA’s complex marketing strategy.

GPA, Specialty Substrate Solutions is the largest independent specialty printable substrate provider in North America. With a rich history, dating back to 1940, GPA has experienced longstanding growth and success. It is only natural that GPA would experience global outreach. For more information on GPA, Specialty Substrate Solutions, visit their website at http://www.askgpa.com/index.asp

For more information on Portuguese or other translation services offered by PLG, please visit www.plg-online.com/translation.html

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