Thursday, February 27, 2014

Waygo: An App that helps you eat Authentic Chinese food

Have you ever been curious what was being served in the Chinese menu at a Chinese restaurant? Well it used to be that only those that knew how to read Chinese would be able to order from that menu. Now, there is an app that fixes this problem. Developers at Translate Abroad have developed an app that automatically translates the menu for you into English. No longer do you have to drag your Chinese friend to come with you, you can go it all alone.

If you love Chinese food, you know this problem very well. You are sitting at the table and you glance over at the Chinese family that is brought something entirely different than what is written on your English menu. You ask them, “what is that?” and they give you the name of a Chinese dish that you’ve never heard of. You thought you knew all about Chinese food (you’ve mastered Orange chicken, Egg Foo Young, Chop Suey) but now your claims to Chinese food expertise have been tested.

Using the app to translate the Chinese menu allows you to choose dishes that are more authentic.

We tried this out on a few Chinese items we had found, below is our results. Would you eat any of these delicious-sounding dishes?

The app can be downloaded at the link below (only available for iPhone only at this time).

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