Thursday, February 27, 2014

Project Highlight: PRO1 Manuals and Packaging – Spanish and French

Earlier in the year, PLG completed the translation and typesetting of PRO1’s technical installation and operation manuals and packaging for their heating and cooling controls products into Spanish and French. The project was a 3 month project, and with Spanish and French combined, PLG translated a total of about 184,000 words and did the typesetting of 850 pages! Managing a project of such size is certainly a large undertaking. For these 3 months, we had a team of 2 translators, 2 typesetters, 2 editors and 1 project manager working exclusively on PRO1’s project.  With this combined effort, the project was delivered within Pro1’s schedule.

We were certainly excited to work on this project and are eager to continue supporting PRO1 Technologies in their future translation needs.

“Thanks again for all your hard work” – Matt Bellows, Graphic Artist, PRO1 Technolgoies

To learn more about PRO1, visit their website at

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