Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brazilian Language School + Sex Appeal = More English Students?

In Brazil, if you can’t speak English, you get banished to an island full of many Mike Tysons instead of spending the rest of your days lounging with bikini-clad Megan Fox clones. Maybe that’s not exactly true, but that’s the idea behind a new commercial for the Brazilian language school, CCAA.

CCAA is a Brazilian school that teaches English. The ad is a clear cut to the “sex appeal” marketing technique and was created to persuade Portuguese-speaking Brazilians, specifically potential male students, to attend their school and learn to speak English to talk to Megan Fox.

The commercial starts with two teenage boys washing up onshore of an island. The boys are greeted by Megan Fox and her many clones who beg the boys to talk to them. The boys start speaking in Portuguese because neither can speak English. Since they are unable to speak to the Foxes, they are tied-up and sent to another island also inhabited by celebrity clones. Unfortunately, they are horrified to learn that these clones are of Mike Tyson, and they are stranded there.

The school is obviously aiming to say that Brazilians need to learn English so that they can communicate with sexy actresses and English speaking women. What do you think of the ad? Do you think the commercial will capture the attention and get more people learning to speak English?

Watch the full commercial here.

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