Friday, July 11, 2014

Project Spotlight: Pro-Tec Athletics

In keeping with this July's newsletter’s theme (World Cup), our project spotlight this month is the work we’ve done for Pro-Tec Athletics, specifically the Gel Force™ Knee Support label (English to German) and the Foam Roller User Guide (English to Canadian French). The former was a translation-only project, meaning that we provided the client with a bilingual Word document containing all of the text on the label in English and German. The latter was a little more challenging, as we were asked to prepare, translate, and then format the French User Guide in the exact same manner as the English version, including images and fonts! Thanks to our great in-house design team, however, we were able to deliver a translated User Guide that was just as flashy as the original.

One of the challenges of formatting labels that have been translated into French is the limited space available. On average, if English text is translated into French, the French text will take up about 50% more space. For example, the phrase “user guide” is “guide de l’utilisateur” in French! Our designers, in order to ensure quality in the finished product, always have to take differences like these into account.

Great job team!

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