Monday, December 17, 2012

How do PLG Members Celebrate the Holidays?

PLG would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Above is our holiday e-card that we have created. Click the image above to see a bigger picture. From left to right are Raudel Caldera, Tina Ji, Eric Mora, Eric Zhang, Crista Busse, Helen Shi and Joanna Wong.

Also, the staff at PLG wanted to share some of their personal Christmas or holiday stories and memories with you. Read more below: 

Like most Mexican-American families, Raudel’s family celebrated the Christmas holiday on Christmas Eve. As a kid, he has fond memories of waiting up until midnight to open gifts. His entire family would get together, and there would be so many people in the house that he says there wasn’t enough room. One of his favorite parts of Christmas is the traditional Mexican Christmas foods, such as tamales, ponche and buñuelos. 

Tina says that each year her family decorates the house and puts up a Christmas tree. The family all gets together and cooks a lot of delicious food and takes a family picture. Some of Tina’s friends in China are very interested in American holidays and traditions so for each big holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) she sends pictures and tells them what kind of things we do over here to celebrate. This year she is sending a recording of her singing the song “Last Christmas” in English.

Eric Mora
Eric’s family also looks forward to the traditional Mexican Christmas foods each year. He celebrates Christmas Eve with his family, and goes to his girlfriend’s family’s house on Christmas day. One of his favorite parts of living in Chicago this time of year is driving through the city to see all the beautiful Christmas lights.

Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang didn’t celebrate Christmas growing up in China so he says that the traditions his family has are a result of living in America. They decorate the house and exchange gifts like many families. Because he doesn’t have extended family in the US, they take the time off to visit friends.

In Crista’s family, the entire extended family gets together on Christmas morning for breakfast. Then everyone sits in a big circle to open presents. Her grandmother hands out the presents, one at a time, with the help of the young members of the family. After presents are open, they all gather up to finish preparing dinner and have a huge meal. One thing her family is never short on at Christmas is food!

Along with Eric, Helen celebrates with their children. They exchange gifts as a family and find time to get together with friends. Helen says that Christmas is a nice time to relax and just enjoy the camaraderie of family and friends.

In Joanna’s family, they start the day with her daughters coming to her house and opening presents as a family. Then the family goes to Burger King for breakfast every year. In the afternoon, they visit other family members and relax.

We hope you enjoyed getting a little peek into our Christmas traditions. We want to wish all our clients, suppliers and friends a very warm and happy holiday season, and happy New Year! We look forward to working with all of you and sharing more stories in 2013!

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  1. Love the family traditions!Thank you for sharing them.

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