Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What are PLG team members doing when they're not hard at work?

In the spirit of not working (PLG is closed both Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday) we asked a few of our team members to submit a photo of something that they did out of work. Below are a few.

Eric, our business development director, and his girlfriend on a weekend hiking trip on Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, AZ.
What a stunning view!

Raudel (our Spanish-speaking program manager and web localization analyst) in the cold morning warming up for "Carrera de los muertos" 5K race (Race of the Dead) in Chicago's Mexican-American Pilsen neighborhood.

After the race, food vendors line up to offer warm food like pozole (hominy soup) and hot beverages like ponche (a traditional Mexican holiday fruit punch) to the 5K runners. "It made running the 5K worth it" Raudel said.
Tina and her husband on the Willis Tower Skydeck ledge where few people dare to go. (The Willis Tower is previously known as the Sears Tower, and to many Chicagoans, the name Sears still remains).

Our favorite picture. Tina's green sweater revealed the secret that she was in front of a green screen. The Skydeck picture above this one is real but this one is for those who are not brave enough for the Skydeck ledge. Tina wanted to do both :) 

That's it for this month! Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!

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