Tuesday, October 23, 2012

PLG Now Offers Mexican Labeling Compliance Services

PLG announces that it has extended its packaging translation and compliance review services for the Mexican Market. Previously, PLG offered compliance review services for Canada only. Mexico is the second largest importer of U.S. goods after Canada, purchasing billions in American electronics, transportation equipment and machinery – and increasingly food products such as beer and cheese.

PLG leverages its rich experiences in Spanish and French translations and in-house Spanish- and French-speaking project managers to offer packaging compliance services for Canada and Mexico.

80% of the labels that PLG translates and reviews are food labels but also offers compliance services for retail and other consumer goods. 

In Canada, food and beverage packaging regulations are set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. In Mexico regulations (called NOMs) are set by La Secretaría de Economía. For Mexico, a certificate known as Constancia de Verificación (CDV) is required but there is no such certificate issued in Canada. PLG has partnered with private and governmental agencies in Mexico and Canada to supply Canadian/Mexican labeling compliance review and the issuance of the Constancia certificate to clients in North America.

For more information about PLG’s Canadian Compliance Services, please visit: http://www.plg-online.com/canadian_compliance.html

For more information about PLG’s Mexico NOM Compliance Services, please visit: http://www.plg-online.com/compliance_services_mexico.html

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