Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why Outsource Translation Services?

With the global marketplace expanding daily, many companies are now faced with the task of localizing their websites, videos, marketing materials, manuals, etc. In order to meet the demands of their foreign markets, these companies have the option to create an internal translation team to localize their content or to hire an outside language service provider. Just as in any other situation, there are pros and cons to each side. This month we will explain the benefits of using a combination of these two options for your localization needs.

Because translation is a highly complex process with many rules and nuances specific to the trade, it is crucial to use a professional translator. Professional translators have the necessary skills and experience and have studied the craft of translation in order to follow the rules and adapt the translations to the target audience. This is also why an agency is a better option when searching for a language service provider, as opposed to searching for an individual translator. Good agencies have a wide array of translators at their disposal so they will be able to match a specific translator to your individual project. While you may be able to find a native-speaker of the target language to translate your documents, they will rarely have the proper combination of skills, training, experience, cultural knowledge, and regional language knowledge that is needed to provide you with a high-quality translation.

With that being said, if your company has the resources available, it is very beneficial to assemble a translation team. This team will not actually perform the translation but instead will work with the language service provider to refine the translations. This process combines the technical and company-specific knowledge from your internal staff with the skill, background, training, and experience of a professional translator, ensuring high-quality translations. As discussed in our March-April translation newsletter, this is especially important for technical document translations.

There are a few additional benefits to outsourcing translations, aside from the improved quality. The process of building an internal department for translation is extremely long and rather expensive. Developing efficient processes and skilled translators is a continual process. An agency already has these tools at their disposal and is constantly working to enhance their translators’ skills and improve their services and final products. By using a professional language service provider, you can avoid the time and costs for departmental development and the costs associated with maintenance. This allows your company to effectively use less monetary resources for the translation itself and focus the staff’s time and energy on other tasks.

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