Thursday, October 27, 2011

Project Highlight: The Brew Express Dubbing Experience

         Le café, c’est super !  

                       The PLG Feature Article this month is focusing its attention on the art of audiovisual translation, through audio dubbing. This October Project Highlight showcases Brew Express® and their increased use of Canadian French materials, one of which was an audio dubbing project.

                       Precision Language & Graphics, Inc. has worked conjointly with Brew Express® to integrate Canadian French translations into Brew Express®’ marketing plan. Brew Express®’ presence in Canada is not recent, but due to an increased demand from the consumer and supplier level, it has become essential to integrate Canadian French materials. PLG has supported Brew Express® by translating several instruction manuals into Canadian French and, more recently, by completing a Canadian French video dubbing project. The project started with the translation of the video script into Canadian French, then moved onto the voice over recording of the script. The final stages of the project included video engineering to replace the existing English sound file with the Canadian French counterpart. All-in-all, the project was a success, and it has been a pleasure working with Brew Express® to fuel their global communication efforts.

                       Brew Express® is a leader in the coffee maker industry, who provides their consumers with an aesthetically pleasing and incredibly efficient appliance. Brew Express® coffee systems connect directly with your water line to eliminate the filling process. They offer an elegant, built-in or countertop model, which has gotten a plethora of positive reviews. Brew Express® offers in-home installation, which enhances their already superior customer service. For more information on Brew Express®, visit their website at                     

                       For more information on PLG’s translation, voiceover, dubbing or subtitling services, please visit 

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