Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How Translation Memory has helped PLG Clients

The Precision Language & Graphics, Inc. Project Highlight for March is going to include more than just one company. It will represent a multitude of benefits of Translation Memory (TM) by highlighting a variety of client cases. Below you will find the benefits of TM that are listed in this month's Featured Article, as well as the clients that benefited the most from each attribute.

Consistency: While accuracy of translation is of the utmost importance for Walmart Stores, Inc., maintaining consistency is equally important. The Walmart brand name is vital to the success of the organization, and company-wide consistency is apparent through all of their retail locations. The translation services that Precision Language & Graphics, Inc. provides are no different. PLG prides itself on being one of the Approved Translation Vendors for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and the uniformity of the translation quality is one of the reasons that the business relationship has stayed strong since 2008. Spanish and French are such diverse languages that the TM allows for consistency among translators and product lines.

Faster turnaround: Speed of service is always a key component of translation. Nexgrill Industries, Inc. has certainly benefited from decreased turnaround time, due to a help from increased productivity that Translation Memory offers. The nature of the projects for Nexgrill is very technical, and the materials themselves are often high in volume. It is because of this technical nature and amount of words that we were able to decrease the turnaround time by about 20%. When you have projects that are breaching month-long time tables, 20% can be a substantial amount.

Cost-saving: It is always important for service providers as well as clients to save on cost while maintaining quality. As a long-term translation partner, Precision Language & Graphics, Inc. has worked hand in hand with HydraForce, Inc. to translate their website and manuals which generally exceeded 5,000 words. These projects were of a very technical nature and had a high percentage of repeated words. The TM software identifies fuzzy matches (similar words) and exact matches. PLG is able to provide each at a discounted rate, but the major cost savings come from Exact Matches on high-volume projects. The combination of a large-volume text, exact matches and Translation Memory software led to significant savings.

Multilingual Versatility: The client that enjoyed this feature the most is… everyone! The Translation Memory software is extremely adaptable, in that it supports an unlimited number of languages. This enormous support comes from the fact that all of the translations that develop the TM database are human made. The human capacity for translation is limitless, so the software is, in essence, limitless for language capacity.

All in all, the pros of Translation Memory are vast. Explore how Translation Memory-Assisted Translations can supplement your business by visiting http://www.plg-online.com/translation.html  

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