Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PLG exceeds Holiday Packaging Translation Expectations

In one of their busiest seasons yet, Precision Language and Graphics and affiliated design agencies combined strength to produce more than 2,000 bilingual labels. Over the course of three months, they worked within tight deadlines to ensure that many of these products will be on store shelves in time for the upcoming holiday season.
Holiday Packaging Translation Highlights:
• Translation of more than 2,000 labels over the course of three months for seasonal items, in addition to non-holiday related products, for a wide range of US based retailers and manufacturers
• Product packaging includes labels for holiday d├ęcor, recipes and nutrition labels, kitchenware, tools and hardware, home furnishings and cosmetics
• Turnaround times between 2 and 48 hours
• Most popular languages include Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese
• Additional typesetting/DTP and layout services for certain items
• Post DTP Proofreading and Review
After a few months of hard work, PLG and its clients were satisfied with what they’d accomplished. Diana R., Senior Packaging Manager with Wal-Mart*, one of the customers of PLG’s, commended these efforts, saying that "PLG’s ability to deliver was put to the test and the results have been exceptional…We recognize that what was asked of you was beyond the norm and a simple thank you is not enough.”

For more information about PLG’s Label/Packaging Translation Services, please visit http://www.plg-online.com/label_translation.html

*Since 2007, PLG has been translating labels and packaging from English to Spanish and English to French as an approved translation vendor for 3700 Wal-Mart Stores in the U.S. and more than 300 stores in Canada. After a rigorous selection process, PLG was also selected to provide label translation services to Michaels Stores in 2008.

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